Equal Pay Day 2015

Equal Pay Day is on April 14th and, with that, it’s important to recognize why this day is so significant in the fight towards gender and racial equity. When we use the term “pay equity,” we are referring to a method of eliminating sex and race discrimination in the wage system. The wage gap is an…


Women’s Center Photo Spotlight: SHE

Check out our Women’s Center Photo Spotlight to learn about the wonderful women’s groups on campus and what their members like most about being a part of their group. This week we are featuring SHE, a group whose mission is to empower young women in society. To learn more about this group click here.


ICYMI: Both/And/All: Building Racial Equity into the Intersections, an Evening with Rinku Sen, Author and Racial Justice Activist

In case you missed it, Rinku Sen came to the University of Minnesota on Tuesday to meet with students and speak with individuals about social justice and racial equity. With upwards of 300 people attending her speech, Rinku was welcomed with open arms to the Mayo Auditorium. She talked about topics ranging from the start of her organizing…

Photo credit to The Daily Beast

“Race Together”: Starbucks is brewing a vente-sized cup of reality.

Starbuck’s most recent campaign is all sorts of controversy. In the latest Starbucks news, CEO Howard Schultz announced the global corporate’s plan to talk race. By writing “Race Together” on each coffee cup, baristas are encouraged to engage in race-related conversations with their customers. Schultz acknowledges the widespread criticism the campaign received and explained that…


Understanding Antifeminism

First of all, happy belated International Women’s Day and happy Women’s History Month! I hope you’re taking part in some way. I celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8th by absorbing internet content like the sponge I am. In honor of Women’s History Month, I have a gift for you: an article about antifeminism! And no,…

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The Answer is Undefined

The Answer is Undefined: Rejecting Clean-cut Stereotypical Classifications Concerning Behaviors of Women Jeez. That was a mouthful and a little bit scary. Let’s start with talking about talking. Maybe that will help. Don’t you hate it when people interru– -pt you? Yes, I am aware that was an insanely cheesy move. Let’s just take a…


The DUFF: A Feminist’s Review

When I first saw the trailer for The Duff, I was immediately turned off. The movie appeared to tell the story of “The Designated Ugly Fat Friend”, an idea that really left a sour impression on me. Add to that Mae Whitman plays the lead character, or the DUFF. As you can see, this actress…


Women and Public Policy in Minnesota

Government and politics do not necessarily uphold justice and equality. If you have picked up any history book in your lifetime, then you already know that. In fact, certain groups of people tend to be excluded from the political arena still to this day. Just look at the sea of white men in the photo…

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Men in Fandom

I support the welcoming of men into the fan base (fandom) of mediums that are typically more female-dominated, notable examples including the TV series My Little Pony and Steven Universe. If you are a male and want to enjoy things that are traditionally considered “girly”, I think that’s great. I am all for breaking down…