The HPV Vaccine Requirement?

By Hala Furst

Can we talk about this a bit? I’m of two minds about states like Texas trying to pass or passing legislation to make the HPV vaccine required for enrollment in public schools. On the one hand, I LOVE that we have a vaccine and that we are finally making some signifigant strides in cervical cancer prevention. Plus, it is great to see HPV become as preventable as the mumps or measles with these shots. On the other hand, it seems a bit soon to rush into requiring these shots, and it does seem like the choice to get them or not should be with the individual girl and her parents. Why do I feel this way? Am I being sucked into the “reproductive-safety-is-different-from-all-other-medical-safety-issues”? Any thoughts?

One thought on “The HPV Vaccine Requirement?

  1. Actually, I think at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the shots are available for free if you are a student. I would rather see the shots open for those who want them. Although I do think its great that the shot is being made mandatory.

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