I must have NO personality…

By Jessica Englund

Based on size and “Best Week Ever,” it must be that I am shallow and have no personality. I do not consider myself thin at a size 6 but I am certainly not “overweight.” Regardless of where I am now in my ramen-college days, I will still get flack from family and those who know me to try and regain my prime soccer body. Although I loved playing and being stronger and fitter than I am now, I am so much more comfortable in my skin. I have moved away from the barbie doll look my mother loves and towards a more jeans and t-shirt brunette that fits my style. I have been told that my personality fills up a room and I am quick to agree. I hated being quiet and subdued and have agreed to never be that way again. My friends who have seen my transition love me more now, not because of my looks, but because I am so much more comfortable in my skin. I am not about to believe that I am unfortunate, however, size seems to grasp onto all forms and persons. One of my many heros and also a good friend said to me one day, “I am so glad I’m fat. People actually see me and love me whole-heartedly.” She is fabulous and also be-a-utiful. Thanks to Hala for making me smile! Hope to actually meet you soon.


One thought on “I must have NO personality…

  1. It’s so great that you remind us that “over” sized people don’t have a monopoly on body issues! I was reminded of this by a very slender friend who came to see me do a performance piece in which I do a spoken word piece entitled “When I am Thin”. She took it very personally, because she felt as though I was assuming that her life was easier when she was always trying to put on weight. It really was a wakeup call for me that we all have issues, large, small or in between.

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