Save the boobs?

By Rachel Armstrong

As many of you probably know, October is breast cancer awareness month. Some of you may be decked out in pink ribbons, t-shirts, and arm bands yourself, as a friend or relative of a victim of breast cancer–Or perhaps you are a survivor yourself.

I’m all for awareness of the dangers of breast cancer. However, some young activists are using some questionable methods of creating awareness and buzz. Many ads feature highly sexual images and themes–Take this advertisement for a Toronto-based charity’s event called the Booby Ball:

Is this going too far? I think they’re right in thinking that these types of ads will generate more attention and awareness to the issue, but the question is whether these ads are in good taste. For instance, in my opinion, I think that they could have nixed the “You know you like them… save the boobs” line and the (albeit censored) flashing scene at the end. Of course, I roll my eyes at the basic concept of the ad, but other than that, I don’t have a personal issue with it. However, will a victim of breast cancer, or someone who’s lost a mother, a sister, an aunt, a grandmother, a wife, or a daughter to breast cancer feel the same?


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