What exactly am I paying for?

By Holly Hilgenberg

This entry, found on feministing, originating out of the daily kos got me thinking…being both a supporter, and former employee, of NARAL, I have often felt this certain, well, depressive outlook, towards the actual results of my donations. Having worked not just for NARAL, but for other “progressive” organizations, in their fundraising arms, I became very disillusioned by the ability for such organizations to actually lead to any sort of change. Perhaps the work they do is better than nothing, and maybe it is a result of fighting the good fight, particularly when it comes to women’s rights (and human rights in general), but I always feel a knot in my stomach when I see my hard earned money going towards a blanket holiday card sent out by the HRC.

I suppose I don’t have any real ideas or solutions when it comes to the fact that now, most people in the United States, are connected to civic engagement through “checkbook memberships,” but I do wonder how this conversation can go…if there are ways that we can all support our beliefs (whatever they may be) without just throwing $10 at each month?

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