Support Love!

By Nikki Weisenburger

This Valentine’s Day, do things a little different. Don’t just go to dinner with your significant other or rant with your friends about what a stupid Hallmark holiday it is, support love! As feminists, we believe in the rights of women. This means ALL women. And all men. So why is it that some of our fellow citizens are not allowed to proclaim their love for each other in a marriage ceremony? It seems to go against the right to freedom that we all are supposedly entitled to as American citizens. So this Valentine’s Day, support same sex couples and support marriage equality. Not only is it terrible that same sex couples cannot express their love for each other in a highly culturally valued ceremony, they also are kept from significant state and federal rights bestowed on married couples. For instance, when a spouse is dying, they do not have the right to hospital visits, to make decisions about care once their spouse is no longer able, nor do they have the right to make burial decisions. We need to support marriage equality and raise our voices loud and clear to the Minnesota legislature as it enters the 2010 session! And remember, it is marriage equality that we need to pass; according to OutFront Minnesota, there are 1,138 rights, benefits, and responsibilities that come with marriage, but do not come with civil unions/domestic partnerships. Think of your friends, family, and neighbors this weekend as you celebrate Valentine’s Day. Support love for all!

Want to help, but don’t know how? Come support love with other Minnesotans at the Capitol Rotunda, 8:30am 2/11/10. It’s Freedom to Marry Day! Or, write your legislator and let him or her know how you feel. There can never be too many voices to influence change!


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