Updates… until I can channel my rage

By Sasha Brodskaya

Since I can’t seem to get my thoughts organized on various things happening in the gay rights movement (a piece on that is in the works), I thought I’d leave you all with some thought-provoking news.

First off, the topic of wilke’s last entry seems to be part of a new trend in anti-feminist propaganda: pretending to side with those you oppose. Whether it’s feigning concern for the environment by saying the birth control pill contaminates water (which is does….but so does every other pharmaceutical drug. By their definition, we should outlaw all pharmaceuticals, and this is likely by the same people who say the U.S. currently has the best health care system in the world), pimping out minorities to oppose their own rights (think Sarah Palin here, and I would argue Michael Steele as well), or merely accusing the opposite side of the very undemocratic, liberal-opposed tactics the anti-feminists themselves embrace (as in, claiming gay rights activists are anti-free speech and anti-heterosexual civil rights, apparently ignoring the fact that their own activists have called for book bans and elimination of pornography), it’s clear these extremist groups have lost their basic sense of shame in their enthusiasm for “God’s plan”.

We all know extremism in the name of God is nothing knew, but I think it’s time we ask ourselves how to cope with it. I’m thinking my “blind rage” plan isn’t the best method, nor the pushing of people to abandon their blind faith. If people want to believe in God or Gods, that’s fine with me, but in most cases these religions are misunderstood. For example, I may not have a complete understanding of Christianity, but I do know Jesus preached love, tolerance, and spent a great deal of his time with sinners. You wouldn’t catch Jesus waving a “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” sign and screaming about the evils of “faggots” in this day and age. Moreover, Jesus may very well have been okay with homosexuality; the new Testament makes no mention of it, except one small section where he (or He, if you prefer) preached tolerance for “eunichs” who were “born that way”, referring to men who didn’t have sex with women (a group that clearly includes homosexuals).

Agnostics or Atheists sometimes like to say religion causes hatred and bigotry, and I’ll admit I’ve said it in bitterness a couple of times myself. However, I’m coming to the realization that religion, as defined by sacred texts, is not the problem: indoctrination and the ignorance resulting from it is. No religion actually backs the crazy mix of hypocritical beliefs people have today, and so I challenge all you feisty femmes to do this: educate your “religious” peers. Show them their hypocrisy, their neglect of large sections of Biblical text, the way their hatred goes against the very *heart* of religion’s peaceful and loving message. Sure, you probably won’t change the beliefs of the most stubborn, but at the least you’ll open their minds to new arguments and new challenges to the “status quo” thinking of the extremists.

And so, without much further ado, I present you all with the promised links on the crazy new trend in anti-feminism (which, as you’ll note from the links, is actually a world trend). Since it appears the antis are pretending to side with us, we may as well pretend to side with them, by embracing the religions they use to justify their crazy beliefs and then “shoving it down their throats”, as Faux News would say.


And since I can’t remember my original sources, a random blog entry I came across which struck me as pretty well fitting today’s theme (particularly the “oppressive” homosexual agenda topic:


Finally, to cheer you all up; not all news is bad news:


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