Back in two weeks, until then…

By Sasha Brodskaya

Sorry to all those who might be “anxiously” awaiting blogs about Peruvian feminism and women’s rights, I will definitely be writing about that as soon as I get back to the states. But until then, here’s some food for thought about Saudi women’s rights that my friend sent me:

I have to say, while life is far from perfect in the U.S., we are truly blessed with personal freedoms and levels of equality that women of the third world would only dare to dream of (and in the case of this article, you’ll note they don’t even dare; no one makes a claim that male guardianship is wrong). I hope one day I’ll have the opportunity to help women trapped in countries like these, where women’s rights appear to as repulsive to the regime as communism once was to us Americans. Until then, I pray, in that strange way that agnostics still can, for their lives to get better.


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