The Briefest of Greetings

By Tara Castellano

I’m in no real hurry to nosedive into any issues, so let’s begin with “hello.”
My name is basically a given. It’s Tara. Tara caste055. My parents were eccentric.
I’m not an angry person. I am a woman – a Roma woman whitewashed by half of her own genetics; a woman who knows hardship – and I am not angry. I am not, also, someone who identifies with the label of “feminist.” You can challenge me all you want on the subject, but I’m also rather unflappable.
I am, however, a woman who enjoys cosmetics. Styling. Fashion. Culture. Culture that involves more than Snooki going to Italy next season. I love my family, and I have a penchant for hanging van Goghs upside down. (I don’t think he’d mind, honestly.)
I also love Pikachu. Please do not enter my dorm room without giving me time to hide evidence of such.
If you’d like general stats, here’s a rundown:
Year: Freshman (standing: not freshman)
College: Liberal Arts
Majors: Anthropology, Asian Languages & Literatures: Japanese;
Minor: TESL
Why I’m here: I like blogging and vlogging and acting more impressive than I am in reality. I also like human rights issues, intercultural issues, and questions of the “modern woman” – whatever that is.
What I like: Stated above, along with other things that will surface sooner or later.
What I dislike: Spiders. Mainly those.
So, although there’s already been a post (or two, perhaps, by the time this is published), I’d like to sincerely welcome everyone to this blog’s Spring 2011 season. Let’s see how us women grow as people this semester, hm?
ur mom.jpg