Hello, All!

By Kelsey Griffin

Well, it’s Thursday, so I suppose it’s my turn to say hello now. I’m awkward when it comes to introductions, so let’s just start with the basics:

Name: Kelsey Griffin
Year: Freshman
Major: Biology, in the College of Biological Sciences
Minor: Spanish Studies

I thoroughly enjoy writing and am interested in a wide variety of topics, which is probably a result of my compulsive reading habits (Fact: It is physically impossible for me to eat breakfast without reading something, be it a book, magazine, or grocery store flyer). Obviously, the biological sciences have captured my interests more than most other fields, and I get way too excited about the weirdest little facts. Other subjects like history, anthropology, and cultural studies are also fascinating, but nothing makes me nerd out quite like science does.

As far as human rights are concerned, though, equality issues in the sciences, politics, and media particularly intrigue me. While the women’s rights aspects of these areas are often my main focus, I am strongly committed to working towards a society in which all people are viewed as equals. I can’t pick out a particular event or influence that led me to this belief, since it’s always seemed like such common sense to me. True, I had supportive parents, many excellent teachers, and encouraging coaches who all helped me along the way, but I really can’t recall a time when hearing sexist, racist, or other such exclusionary comments didn’t infuriate me.

When not thinking about these sorts of issues or discussing them with friends, I often find myself reading, doing homework, or messing around on the internet (say what you will about Wikipedia, but its plethora of links makes it both an effective procrastination trap and a source of awesomely eclectic knowledge). I also love swimming when I get the chance to use the pools on campus, and when things finally warm up again I can go running outside to wake up in the morning. I like winter, but am definitely looking forward to spring!

One last random fact: I’ve never really blogged before, but I’m sure that this will be awesome. I am really looking forward to reading and discussing with everyone!


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