Belated Intro

By Grace Kruger

I tried uploading this before my first post, but technical difficulties… here it is!
Hi, my name is Grace, and I am a junior English major, possibly Psychology minor. I am going to copy-cat Steph and use the Feisty Five format!

How did you come to be a feminist?
I think I have been a feminist since I was old enough to be receptive to my mother’s ideals. Her views have helped shape mine, and her encouragement to follow my own moral compass gives me strength to stand up for my views, especially the ones pertaining to feminism.

Who are your heroines in real life?
Aside from my family, Mother Theresa (cliché, I know) and many, many past teachers and employers.

What recent news story made you want to scream?
Any supporting Female Sexual Dysfunction! Ahh! I am the most excited ever over the documentary Orgasm Inc.

What, in your opinion, is the greatest challenge facing feminism today?
Encouraging women to recognize and actively improve the female condition, and sex and reproductive education and access- especially in impoverished areas.

You’re going to a desert island, and you’re allowed to take one food, one drink and one feminist. What do you pick?
Mmm… tie between many of my favorite dim sum dishes, apple juice, and Abigail Adams or Mary Wollstonecraft.


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