Greetings, feisty followers!

My name is Gina; I’m the new Communications Intern here at the Women’s Center. I just started last week, but so far it’s been a blast! Let me just say, I’m quite excited to be here (in the office AND the blog-place). I’ll be working closely with the other bloggers and I always welcome intense and awesome discussions.

I’m a third year (junior-senior) here at the U; I am a Youth Studies major with an emphasis on sexuality and healthy relationships. I worked at The Aurora Center (over in Boynton, 4th floor) as a peer educator raising awareness of sexual violence, relationship violence and stalking. There, I became very passionate learning all about what a ‘healthy relationship’ is and isn’t (which if you think about it, it’s not really covered in the unwritten Book of Life). Anyways, I plan to become either a counselor with adolescents, or I’m leaning towards sexual education/programming/sexuality info-work-stuff once I graduate.

I really enjoy puppies and chocolate and randomness. I think quirkiness is exciting and I never wear matching socks, if I can help it. My favorite shows are definitely Sailor Moon and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Both are kind of polar opposites in terms of female leads, but I enjoy them. Communication is a BIG staple in my life; while that sounds kind of weird (while I consider myself, eccentric) – I’ve noticed most people don’t know HOW to communicate. Meaning: If I ask ‘how are you today?’ I don’t mean, hey – I see you all the time and I’m not interested in an actual conversation…. I mean, “Hey, tell me how you are ACTUALLY doing today??” I’ll write more on this later, I promise (be excited!!!)… But I am allllll about communicating.

I’m a feminist, I’m not going to go around braless (more power to you, if you do!) – but nevertheless, I am a feminist. It bothers me that people automatically label feminists as ‘man haters’ and ‘butch’ or some other offensive blanket term. In fact, there are so many TYPES of feminists, it’s crazy awesome! But, I’m sure I’ll get into that at a later point. I’m really excited to start this adventure and I want to say right off the bat, I may say things that you don’t agree with or don’t understand…but if it happens, feel free to let me know! I’m not claiming to be the only ‘right’ opinion or know-it-all and I never, ever would discount someone’s opinion. So feel free to discuss and disagree – just know that it will never be my intention to offend, criticize or harass anyone in any way.

Thanks for welcoming me to FeistyFemmes… I’m pretty pumped 🙂


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