Boys, no pink for you.


An article on this is here, but I’m so disenchanted with the media – particularly anything Yahoo feels like vomiting out – that I won’t be commenting on anything it says. Their analysis (to me) = unimportant.

J. Crew is, as many of us know, a high-end retailer of clothes. A cute little peasant top (that I now want, damn it all) is about $118. So, that’s the price range you’re going for. Definitely for the weekend yachting crowd.

Jennifer Lyons is the president and creative director of the company. She’s the mother of Beckett, who looks about 5. He’s a cute little sandy-haired curly-cue kinda guy.

In one of their latest catalog’s pages, there’s a “Saturday with Jenna” section, which basically allows the president to let her consumers know what her personal favorites from the J. Crew line are with a touch of family flair. (One could argue that using one’s family to sell clothing is immoral, but I’m not that upset over it. J. Crew is expensive, but it’s generally a family-friendly brand.)

Now, one of Jenna’s favorites for this season is this really cute, “hot pink” (I’d argue this) nail polish from Essie, which is a popular nail lacquer brand in the U.S. However.


Her SON’S TOES are modeling this nail polish. And – shockingly enough – Jenna is quoted saying, “Lucky for me, I ended up with a son whose favorite color is pink.”

The audacity; of this woman to, as some pundits have called it, “psychologically castrate” her son! Doesn’t she know that any shade of pink is like kryptonite to a growing boy? Soon, his hormone production will switch to estrogen, he’ll be watching marathons on E!, and will have fits when his Minnah Cytanna concert has sold out! Mommm!

As the Yahoo article mentions (not that I care – ugh, Yahoo), J. Crew is a brand worn by the First Lady. Then again, hasn’t every First Lady ever had a husband who makes them rich enough to be part of the weekend yachting club? Isn’t J. Crew a standard upper-class all-American brand? It was a stupid point for anyone to mention.

Seriously, guys? I promise nail polish won’t make you effeminate. Or gay. Or a woman. Or sterilize you. (Unless it contains formaldehyde and gets near your ‘nethers. I can’t promise anything at that point.)

I just wish MY little brother let me do this. Mannn.

(P.S. How is this news? Wasn’t there just an earthquake, tsunami, nuclear reactor issue, riots in the Middle East, and some cute cats on the internet or something? REALLY?)


4 thoughts on “Boys, no pink for you.

  1. I saw the same catalog, and I was so impressed that J. Crew actually featured a photo of a boy with pink toenail polish, and actually printed that quote–that such a mainstream corporation was embracing what the Yahoo article calls “liberal, transgendered identity politics.” I didn’t stop to think about the backlash, but yeah…it’s all what I would expect from people who can’t fathom that identity can be fluid, gender or otherwise.

  2. I actually heard about this initially from a Jon Stewart clip…and oh my goodness, I haven’t been that angry in a while! Like you said, pink doesn’t define your gender expression or your biological identity. The fact that they compared painting toenails to a transgendered statement and THEN stated the child would be scarred for life and would need funds for therapy was the most offensive and incredible statement I’ve heard for a while. I cannot even begin to imagine the effect that this has on the GLBTQ community, especially transgendered folks. Since 1 in 1000 people are trans-gender, and that our main ‘news providers’ are claiming they are ‘psychologically scarred’ is so disappointing and disgusting for me, I can’t quite explain it.

  3. I painted my nails pink in sixth grade.

    The only part I really remember was getting bored and peeling it off.
    I got some weird looks, but I stood proud and loud saying, “I’m breaking social norms, so what?”, or something to that effect.

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