"Aha" Moment: Fashion + Feminism

Sometimes I love the feminist blogging community. One of those days was yesterday, when I read this post over at Feministing about the intersections and applications of fashion in our daily lives – and it made me really, really happy.

Blogging can open you up to new ideas, it can connect you with people you need to know (or at least know of), and it can give you a sense of community you might not otherwise find in the rest of your life. That post did all 3, and it did something else, too: it gave me a sense of validation about one of my obsessions/guilty pleasures.

For the last 6 months or so, I have been an addict of style/outfit blogs, where women post daily outfit photos. I read at least 10 of these blogs on a daily basis, and keep adding more to my list of favorites every week…it’s getting a little ridiculous. This is something I do for fun, something just for me, something superficial I thought was utterly disconnected from my academic, professional, and feminist life.

Or so I thought…

Jessi Arrington’s words were like a slap in the face – the good kind, that says, “You silly, they are all connected!” Especially this part:

“Initially I felt like this was a frivolous way to spend my time, but the more feedback I received, and the more I gave my wardrobe analytical thought, the more I realize it’s not frivolous at all. Deciding to examine what you wear, its impact on you and the world at large makes for a conscious consumer. And I might even go a step further as to propose that ignoring what you wear is to leave a key aspect of of life unexamined.”

I realized that exploring these blogs wasn’t just about drooling over pretty clothes for me. It was about learning to become more thrifty with my money, to be more comfortable with my body, to dress for the workplace while still retaining a sense of self, to think outside the box and turn hobbies and passions into sources of income and opportunity, to be a more dynamic writer, to use blogs as a platform to build community…I could go on. I was amazed at how shortsighted I had been, and I was delighted to realize that this so-called “time-waster” of mine could fit so well into my (feminist) examined life.

So with no further ado, I’d like to share a few of my favorite style blogs, and the reasons why I love them so.

www.alreadypretty.com/ – The most recent addition to my top 10, this blog by local writer Sally McGraw has become a staple. I appreciate the way Sally integrates posts about self-esteem, positive body image, and dressing purposefully into her outfit photos, and I admire her seemingly never-ending collection of boots.

www.academichic.com/ – This blog is a collective of 4 women navigating the tricky waters of dressing as academic professionals/graduate students. I work in higher ed now and plan to make the leap to grad school soon, so their advice on how to dress to accommodate the different facets of their lives serve as both an education and an inspiration.

whatwouldanerdwear.blogspot.com/ – Like academicchic.com, this blog focuses on a graduate student’s daily life and outfits – but I am drawn to her bicycle-friendly outfits, book recommendations, and panache for styling cute Midwest winter looks.

whatiwore.tumblr.com/ – This is a girl who knows. her. stuff. She’s been style blogging for 4 years, has written a book about it, gets name-dropped by Nina Garcia, sews tons of her own clothes, and posts all sorts of really awesome DIY tutorials – all while looking über fracking fabulous. #winning

kendieveryday.blogspot.com/ – This lady, she’s what I consider the everywoman of my style blog empire – she’s funny, she’s down-to-earth, and I can practically hear her Southern drawl through my computer screen. But she’s no schlump – she came up with the brilliant 30 for 30, a month-long challenge to remix only 30 clothing items into 30 different outfits, which has been adopted by the style blogging community at large (and yes, they all seem to know/know of each other). And did I mention she’s funny?

If you’ve read this far, congrats. Thanks for participating vicariously in one of my very own “aha” moments.


One thought on “"Aha" Moment: Fashion + Feminism

  1. Thanks for writing this post! It’s great both for the validation of how useful these sites and discussions can be, and for the recommendations of which sites to check out!

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