Kids crushed my soul

STDs have been on my mind as of late, for a couple reasons:

1) April is STD Awareness Month!

2) I watched Kids last weekend.

Have any of you seen Kids? It’s a mid-nineties film about teens in New York City, and shows a day in their lives, a day filled with drugs, sex, and some pretty soul crushing realities. It was written by an 18-year old male, Harmony Konine, and because of its explicit nature, it was given an NC-17 rating when released.

Here’s a link to the Wikipedia page, which has the least spoilers early on:

As I watched the movie, it was all I could do not to scream at the screen, “No! Stop! Wear a condom! DON’T YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU ARE DOING!?” I was boggled by the total unawareness of the consequences of their actions, and wondered where the eff their parents were, and what in Google’s name they were learning during “sex ed” at school.

By the end, I was feeling pretty defeated. Not just because the principal players were pretty much fucked for life, but because in the 15 years since it was released, not too much has changed. Sure, we know more now about AIDS, but comprehensive sex education is not the norm. shames women who strive to practice safe sex by carrying their own condoms. There’s a new strain of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea running amok.

I don’t have any happy ending conclusion, just a friendly reminder to GYT: get yourself tested. Re: the link, it’s nice to know MTV will take on the burden of educating today’s youth about safe sex, since our school system just isn’t in the mood. </sarcasm>

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