Can I just start by saying if I have to read one more review with cutesy lady-themed plays on words, one more spoiler-but-not-a-spoiler allusion to the dress fitting scene, or one more well-intentioned reassurance that “guys, it’s not a chick flick,” I WILL START TO SCREAM AND I WILL PROBABLY NEVER BE ABLE TO STOP.

I was lucky enough to see the film at a preview about a month ago. It was one of the better movies I’ve seen in a long time, and it was thisclose to acheiving total greatness. I say thisclose because I am incapable of separating the film on its own from all the maddening hype I mentioned above. For some insane reason, the powers that be have determined that this movie is everything and says everything about funny women, and that if it doesn’t literally explode the box office it will be deemed a failure and no one will ever give a film of this lady-magnitude a chance ever again.

STOP WITH ALL THE PRESSURE AND JUST LET IT BE WHAT IT IS – a humorous and touching movie about a gal down on her luck, and all the happenings in her life leading up to her best friend’s wedding (read: it. is. not. just. about. a. fucking. wedding). It was sadder than I expected, it was raunchier than I expected, but it was exactly as funny as I expected – which is to say that it was snort, squirm in your seat, and cry a little bit hilarious. Am I really alone in my expectations? Do dudes really not see funny ladies in the same light I do? I have no idea, and I am beginning to not care. It just makes my head hurt.

All that being said, for the love of cheese and rice, GO SEE IT. I am honestly not sure if any amount of box office success could change anyone’s mind or the landscape of opportunities for funny women in Hollywood, but heck, let’s try to explode it anyway.

Also, read this lovely/slightly condescending profile of Kristen Wiig from the Times a couple weeks back:

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