Welcome back, sugar!

The air is getting crisp, cardigans are out and we’ve won our first football game.

Welcome to fall the the U.

(credit: University of Minnesota)

I’m so glad to be back with you.
For those of you who don’t know me,
my name is Sarah Tate and I’m a previous Feisty Femme.
There’s a proper intro here, but let’s do some catching up.

During our summer apart,
I stayed around for my first Minneapolis summer.
I was a bit apprehensive,
as I missed summers with my dad and my beloved city, D.C..

However, Minneapolis was gorgeous.

Laying out at Lake Calhoun,
morning runs across the Stone Arch Bridge,
and delicious food on patios and rooftops.


My summer was also filled with this

as I took an Arabic intensive.
I’m still trucking along, a little bit beyond the alphabet now!
If you’re an Arabic speaker, let’s grab coffee!

My bread and butter came from Nickelodeon Universe and this

(p.s. that adorable woman dancing behind me is my mother.
she’s fantastic, isn’t she.) 

Seriously. Our performance included a routine
and then a fifteen minute dance party with kids.
Singing Bieb’s “Baby” to actual babies
turns my heart to mush every time.

Overall, it was a splendid summer
with plenty of fun, hard work and genuinely warmhearted friends.
Even if I did miss my family and our nation’s capitol!

How did you spend your warm months?
Adventures? Shenanigans?

As you can tell, this blog has changed a bit.
You can read about the changes.
Over the summer, there were some really great pieces.
Here a woman testified to her own tragic experiences with relationship violence.
Take the time to hear her story.

As for the semester ahead,
I’ll be moving from your Wednesday woman to your Monday gal.
We’ve got a lot in front of us; football season,
the pre-primary media circus,
deer season and a promising SCOTUS session.
Bring it on!
Here’s to Mondays filled with loud laughs,
jugs of coffee, a bit of sass, and plenty of hope.
I’m looking forward to sharing them with you!


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