Congratulations, You Feel Sexy and Satisfied

So, many of you may love (what most of you) call Valentine’s Day. Others, often those who refer to it as “Singles’ Awareness Day” or “Profit-time for Hallmark” or “The Capitalist Agenda,” and so on – most likely despise it. I think instead of creating a holiday around a massacre, we should consider celebrating a day about our own, personal sexuality.

Now, readers, as you may already know – I absolutely love talking about all things healthy and sexual. This won’t be a blatantly graphic entry, but I want to cover a few fun things that will make you want to celebrate your sexuality instead of feeling disheartened if you’re going at it solo. So now, it will be my pleasure to provide you with interesting, entertaining and informative facts about sex that will make you want to throw a party all about sexuality.
This NEW holiday is 110% about you and you don’t need anyone else around to celebrate it unless you want to. (Anyways, the accessories for the new holiday most likely last longer than those roses you want to put on your desk).

Some reasons why Valentine’s Day should celebrate your sexuality instead of relying on a date.

Did you know, in classic Greek mythology, Aphrodite was not only the goddess of love, but also – desire, beauty , fertility, the sea, and vegetation.  She was celebrated for her vivacious, full-bodied figure and constantly admired for her sexual confidence, prowess and love for intimacy.
Ancient Greek and Roman civilization was known for using methods of birth control including herbal substances in the form of paste to cover the entrance to the cervix, acacia gum (an ingredient in many spermicidal lubricants today) and crocodile dung. They were all surprisingly, very, very successful.

A portrayal of Aphrodite at Mt. Olympus

Because it is officially Sexy&Satisfied day, I decided it would be most relevant to cover some interesting tidbits about loving yourself!

Masturbation is a form of self-pleasure. There are various techniques, which I won’t cover here, but I shall provide some hilarious incorrect things adults tell their kids so they don’t explore themselves sexually. So, just to make it clear – these are not true.

(They are just blatantly, ridiculously false.)

Don’t do that or it will stay that way forever.
Classic: You’ll grow hair on your palms.
It gives you acne.
If you do it too much, you’ll break it off.
Only men masturbate.
It will make you go blind.
Your vagina will close up for good.
You’ll become sterile.
“A dark ring would show up around the thumb and index finger of the hand I used to masturbate with”
“It knocks 15 years off your life, and furthermore, it causes you to smoke.”

Surprisingly enough to many, women (statistically) masturbate as often as men do. Of course, all of these statistics have been self-reported and so you have to assume these percentages provided are actually lower than the reported percentages. Go here to read up on a more informative response to this masturbation myth.

So maybe you’re asking me – why masturbate if there’s such a bad rap about it? Let me share some things with you:

The awesomeness of masturbation:

Health Benefits
It reduces stress
It’s been shown to reduce the risk of depression and chronic anxiety.
It can be practiced with a partner as a form of safe sex

Becoming Sexually Aware
You get to know your body
Learn that you can be comfortable and familiar with your body
Learn about what feels best to you
(because someday you might want to share some pointers to those who need them)
You can figure out what feels good to your partner(s) during mutual masturbation

(Experiment! Experiment! Experiment!)

Instant Gratification of Masturbation:

Relaxes muscles
Relieves sexual tension
It makes you feel pretty nifty.

Don’t forget:
If something doesn’t feel good, try another method. Practice, practice, practice!
You won’t grow unsightly hair on your palms (unless your genetically predetermined to).

Nope...not gonna happen

To keep it short and tidy, I’m going to wrap up with one more topic. I’m hoping to make a series of these posts to entertain and educate, so enjoy the ride!

Incorporate lubricants to prevent unfortunate incidents involving friction, but make sure you know what kind you’re using.

Water-based lubricants are easily removed with water. This makes it a poor choice for any fun in a shower or pool because it will instantly be washed away once it hits the H2O. However, this is generally the most natural feeling of lubricants and is compatible with latex and polyurethane condoms. Because it is water-soluble, reapplication is generally preferred, though saliva and small amounts of moisture applied can often reactivate these. Some of them also include nonoxyl-9, which is a spermicide that reduces the chance of pregnancy. Keep in mind, nonoxyl-9 can cause irritation to some.

Silicone lubricants provide a very slippery, slick feeling. They last for a very long time and are most recommended during shower sex. They can also be helpful during anal penetration to create a smoother and more comfortable entry by providing extra lubrication in an area that is not self-lubricating to the level individuals may prefer. These are not recommended on sex accessories, particularly made of silicone because it can break down the material over-time and increase risk of bacteria and viruses to inhabit the material.
A note on toy cleaning: Soap and water can also break down the material of toys, which increases chance of bacteria-growth so it’s recommended to find a toy-cleaning solution that’s right for you.

Anal-specific lubricants sometimes contain benzocaine which is generally applied to the rim of the anus to reduce discomfort. However, benzocaine is not typically recommended because lack of sensation can lead to injury if penetration becomes painful and the individual partaking in anal pleasure does not recognize the discomfort immediately. Comfort is best and most pleasurable and there are other methods to prevent discomfort during anal penetration.
Communication is key. Go slow and let your partner know if you would like to stop. Start out slow and make sure each partner is relaxed and has consented to penetration.

Specialty lubricants include warming, cooling and flavored lubricants. Some of these may cause discomfort depending on the ingredients and the sensitivity of the user. Also check to see if these are compatible with latex and/or polyurethane  condoms. Flavored lubricants are generally used during oral favors and typically are low in calories! In case you were wondering…

There's all sorts of them! Everywhere! Look at CVS's sex-friendly aisle 😉

By all means, this is not an all-inclusive account of sexy and satisfied information. However, I thought it might be a start to some information you might find enlightening, amusing or delightful. Have a fabulous Sexy & Satisfied day, everyone! Remember to be safe, be sure to communicate with a partner if you need to and remember to explore yourself! 

2 thoughts on “Congratulations, You Feel Sexy and Satisfied

  1. Great information! It’s disappointing that there’s such a stigma around masturbation, especially for women, when it’s so healthy and natural (considering that the clitoris is the only female organ designed for pleasure).

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