This Week in Videos

Recently there have been quite a few interesting videos circulating the Internet related to women’s issues, so I thought they could be addressed here.

First, we recently found out that Washington State has legalized gay marriage. If you haven’t seen it, here’s Republican Representative Maureen Walsh’s opinion on the matter.

Although she would disagree, her statement is very eloquent in that it articulates the reason why people want equal marriage rights. Gay marriage isn’t about to destroy the institution of marriage–people want to get married because they love each other, want to affirm their bond, and hope to show their commitment.

Speaking of legislation, there has been a lot of controversy over a contraception hearing. Republican Representative Darrell Issa slotted only male witnesses to attend the hearing which, naturally, infuriated many people.

For an issue concerning women’s health, it’s ridiculous that the committee doesn’t feature more women. It’s as simple as that.

As Kate pointed out recently, Rick Santorum can’t keep his mouth shut on controversial statements. This time, he says that women’s emotions would get in the way of fighting combat in the military.

Honestly, with all of what he says, I’m surprised that Santorum’s still so popular in the election (especially with his “Google Problem”). His ignorance of many matters shines through in this clip, and I sincerely hope that someday he learns to become more open-minded.

On the lighter side, here’s an…interesting attempt  at promoting abstinence.

Good for those people who decide to wait until marriage. Unfortunately for this video, that bear is too creepy to get much of a message across. Another unfortunate part? The ad is trying to push for people to take purity pledges, which have been found to be ineffective–they’re actually just as likely to have premarital sex as people who don’t take pledges.

Moving on, PETA is at it again. Their new campaign, BWVAKTBOOM (Boyfriend Went Vegan and Knocked the Bottom out of Me), is problematic to say the least. In addition to hinting that rough sex is good sex, it hints a bit at domestic violence. As discussed in one of my classes today, it appears to be a marketing ploy directed at men–not their girlfriends as the ad suggests. It’s not surprising that this PETA is controversial (this is where I would link to an example of another ad, but there are too many). Still, this one is unsettling.

Finally, Whitney Houston passed away this week, and I thought I would share my favorite performance of her. I’ve always admired her voice, and it’s a tragedy that she is gone.

After a few weeks of upsetting news, I’m hoping that my next post will be a bit more chipper. Even though New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has vowed to veto it, hopefully there will be more positive progress on passing the gay marriage bill. Until then, what are your thoughts on some of these videos?


One thought on “This Week in Videos

  1. It is amazing sometimes to go on the internet and what crazy (or good) things have happened overnight. There is something new everyday, especially with the current culture war and GOP… dramas. Now we’ve got good old Santorum saying that the separation of church and state makes him sick and that Obama is a snob.

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