The War on Women

2000 years after Brutus killed Caesar, we spend our Ides of March contemplating betrayal. Many Republicans believe that this betrayal is about religion. A simple Google search will show the multitude of quotes by Conservatives–especially Fox News anchors–concerning the “War on Religion.” According to them, Christians are being punished for their beliefs because of the ongoing debates on contraception (Obama wants contraception services to be provided by all health care plans) and on having prayer in schools. Not only do I think their argument is unfounded, but it fails to recognize an even greater problem. In reality, the group getting stabbed in the back is women.

This problem is definitely not a new one. We all know about how women are still suffering oppression, are not receiving equal pay, and so on. However, this year we are facing a backlash against rights we’ve benefited from for decades. Roe v. Wade ensured that we have access to abortions. Now, lawmakers are attempting to make it more difficult to access this right:

Despite all of these setbacks, the awareness is spreading. Women in Wisconsin are protesting the new changes while officials (such as Hillary Clinton) are pointing out the fallacies of the legislation. Unfortunately, we still have much to do to change the minds of politicians. We must let them know that we won’t stand for losing our reproductive rights, especially ones that help our health. One way to get involved is through EMILY’s List, a group that works to elect pro-choice Democratic women into office. It might seem radical to call this a “War on Women,” but radical is what we need now in order to prevent the government from taking away any more rights.

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