Call for Summer Bloggers!

Guest Blogger GraphicOver the past couple years, we have been expanding our blog.  Initially the blog started out as an outlet for female-identified students only. More recently, we have been encouraging readers from a broad range of backgrounds to participate.

Our blog focuses on a variety of issues such as feminism, GLBTQA activism, anti-racism, body image and more. Our regular bloggers are University of Minnesota students who are interested in making a difference. Over the past year, we have developed a wider span of readers and guest bloggers not only within the Twin Cities, but across the country as well. We encourage discussion and awareness of social justice issues that affect us all.

We would like to extend an opportunity to you to guest post on our blog during the summer! We are looking for social justice-focused posts that aim to educate, inform and discuss issues that our readers will find interesting and useful in their everyday lives.

You don’t have to write for the entire summer. You can contribute one post, or four, or eight — depending upon how much you have to say! Take a look at our guest posting guidelines and submit a guest post to us by May 25th so we can share your information with our readers. We hope to hear from you soon!


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