Issues of Cosmo

This post will discuss my issues with Cosmo magazine. Issues as in problems, issues as in publications. Punny, right? Whew…

Anyway… I’m sure I’m not the first person to bring this up, (Actually, I know I’m not. Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, so on and so forth) but since I’ve had a Cosmopolitan Magazine subscription for the past year, (I know, if I have issues with it, why subscribe? I had a Groupon, OK? And who doesn’t like reading the ‘scandalous sex tips’ out loud with your girlfriends, right?) I’ve noticed how many issues I have found with the mag.

I mean, this is supposed to be a magazine for women, right? Then why the heck does every article have to deal with ways to please him, what he looks for in a woman, his favorite sex spots, how to improve yourself for him, etc. As a woman, I want to know ways he (or she… which is another issue with Cosmo all together) can make me feel good, how I can make myself feel and look good for me, etc. I understand that the mag is about ways to improve your sex life and talk about sex related problems/ideas/techniques, it’s not exactly the thing you read if you want to be informed on politics or social change or anything worldly, etc. And maybe I’m looking too much into it, but hey, freedom to think, freedom to speak, right? Looking through issue after issue and noticing how many times the magazine headlines focuses on ways to make your man happy, it got me interested in doing this little experiment, if you could call it that. I decided to go through my past year subscription of Cosmo and find headlines/articles devoted to ways of pleasing men or anything that seems offensive to women.

  • Guys Describe Their Best Sex Ever
  • 25 Girlie Things You Should Start Doing Again (Invent a secret language? Really? Your average reader is 31 and we’re all gonna start speaking a made up language and perfect our cart-wheeling? Ok.)
  • Names He Calls Your Boobs Fifty-three of men’s fave from delicious to deadly (Whoppers, milk jugs, num-nums, honkers, bongos…)
  • Can You Ask Him to Man Up? (Hell yes you can. Or ‘man’ down. Or ‘woman’ up. Or be my equal)
  • Awww-some Moves Men Crave
  • Kiss Him Here…and Here… Oh, and Don’t Forget Here…
  • Sexy vs. Skanky
  • His Picks
  • 101 Things About Men
  • His Best Sex Ever
  • The Smile That Makes Men Hit on You
  • Looks Men Lust For
  • Don’t be This Kind of Tease
  • Bitch it Out!
  • Getting Him Out of a Funk (1. Help him chill 2. Pump him up 3. Surprise him 4. Give him space 5. Feed him) Feed him? Really? Really?
  • Why He Loves Your Inner Bad Girl
  • Your Hotness Fries His Brain
  • Create the Waves Men Crave
  • Make a Hottie Hit on You
  • Strike the Pose That Drives Men Wild
  • Look Bangin’ at the Beach
  • Why Guys Love It When You Bite Your Lip
  • Letting Him Take the Lead (oh come on, it’s 2012)
  • Ballsy Moves Guys Love
  • What He Wants to See During Sex

Now, don’t get me wrong, Cosmo isn’t all bad and these are just a handful of articles that the mag produces. I do enjoy the fact that it’s willing to talk about sex openly and freely and not treat it as some taboo topic. The mag also has great health tips, beauty tips, fashion trends, and the occasional inspiring story.

I’m not entirely sure what my intentions for this post are. I don’t want people to stop subscribing (unless you want to), or cause an uproar (unless you want to), or what have you. I think I mainly just wanted to point out some areas of the magazine that I had been noticing (for all the wrong reasons) and provoke people to start thinking.


2 thoughts on “Issues of Cosmo

  1. That sounds about right. I am always incredulous whenever I pick up that magazine, I’ve taken to mocking the articles to my friends- to the point that some of them bought me one as a good bye present. Very funny.
    Sometimes I just seethe about it though…
    One of the best ones was about women doing the “tree dance” because it has now replaced the “booty pop” as the dance that makes men’s heads turn. Then it literally told the reader to hold their arms out in the air and sway them around “like a tree in the wind”
    There are no words…

  2. I think the reason why Cosmo keeps pumping out magazines with these sorts of articles is because people keep buying them. Although Cosmo can be read for the pro-sex stances and stupid articles (I mean, some of their advice is really bad and unrealistic), it still sells. If it still sells, they’ll keep producing them. It’s just like with any other guilty pleasure media: Jersey Shore, TLC and History Channel shows, bad big-action movies, etc. We can criticize them all we want, but they aren’t going to go away until we actually stop giving them attention and money.

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