Your Vote is Important

We’re less than one month away from an important presidential election, have you registered yet? If not, you can do so here. Not sure if you’re registered? Find out here.

This election in particular is focusing on many issues that directly impact women. Some reports have even said that women voters are going to be the determining factor in this year’s election. HERvotes put together a list of the top 12 advances at risk in this election including pay equity, affordable care, women’s right to vote, access to birth control and contraceptives, and more. Visit HERvotes website for a complete list.

The American Association of University Women AAUW has put together a VoteHER toolkit that gives you access to information to help you make a decision about who to vote for. The toolkit contains the following:

  1. Congressional Voter Record – The AAUW Action Fund Congressional Voting Record for the 112th Congress explains the positions of and votes taken by Representatives and Senators on priority bills moving through Congress.
  2. Voter Guides Check out the voter guides to understand how presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, and candidates in key Senate and House elections, stack up this year on issues important to women.
  3. Obama Report – What has the Obama administration has accomplished over the past four years and where has it fallen short? Read AAUW’s report on this administration and decide for yourself!

Let your voice be heard, get out there and vote on November 6th!


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