Oh Sandy

While much of the news surrounding Hurricane Sandy involves the aftermath, there have been a few, uh, interesting connections to women and gender. It appears as though the hurricane has answered many questions ranging from why our country is bad to ways to improve your relationship.

To begin…


Thaaaat’s right! Chaplain John McTernan said that God was punishing America for its homosexuality and marriage equality through Hurricane Sandy and the many other natural disasters from this year. The punishment is so obvious that we should have paid attention to His wrath after Hurricanes Katrina and Isaac! McTernan isn’t alone in this view: Rabbi Nolson Leiter agrees, connecting the disaster to Noah’s flood. If you’re just as concerned as I am about this, we’ve got to stop treating gays like equal humans. I mean, we don’t want our next warning to be flaming balls hailing from the sky! (Note: the apocalyptic occurrences in the movie 2012 are not entirely accurate. The movie’s director, Roland Emmerich, is openly gay, therefore he obviously has some sort of agenda that contradicts with God’s vision.) And here I thought Sandy might’ve been God’s reaction to Disney buying Lucasfilm—the possibility of introducing strong female leads in the new movies is quite scary!

Another interesting product of the hurricane is the sexy atmosphere. I’m not talking about weather that makes you horny, but rather the influx of Craiglist ads seeking sex to fill the boredom caused by the hurricane. Creepy ads on Craigslist certainly aren’t new, but you’d think people could use cleverer titles than “Male Nudist Seeking Female Hurricane Snuggle Bunny.” Don’t worry folks, if that’s your thing, I’m sure you can have a fun time. *wink*

Similarly, Hurricane Sandy can help you with your relationship (assuming you’re on the East Coast, stuck in the storm). While you and your snuggle bunny are staying indoors safe from the storm, you can work on more than just your libidos. It gives you the time to discuss your lives, wants, and needs. One point I would add: this is the perfect time to discuss the election with your significant other. We all know how important this election is in terms of our rights, gender-related and otherwise. Having thoughtful discussions are crucial to sharing a deep connection with someone, in addition to knowing where they stand on politics and social issues. It’s troublesome that the hurricane might impact the election, so why not talk about it?

Here in Minnesota we don’t need a hurricane to understand its wide range of consequences. Sure, it’s not exactly very important that radical religious figures believe that gays are abominations worth blaming for the hurricane. Still, these things remind us that there is still much to discuss in light of the election and the actions taken post-Sandy by all people—political candidates, government agencies, social institutions, etc.

Leading up to Election Day, remember to keep talking about the issues, pay attention to the news, and, if you so choose, spend time with your snuggle bunny while doing so.

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