Meet your newest volunteer blogger!

Hey everybody! My name is Jessica, the newest addition to the wonderful group of female bloggers at the U of M’s Women’s Center. I feel extremely honored to write for such an amazing organization, and best of all, to write for you all! First, let me inform you on my past blogging experience…cough..cough..oh wait, there is none! Congratulations, you are all reading my first ever blog post.  I am beyond excited to delve into the blogger world and get my feelings and opinions out there for the world to see. You see, growing up, I was always the shy, quiet girl who kept her thoughts to herself. Until my wonderful 7th grade English teacher introduced me to an invigorating way of expressing myself: through writing! My passion lies in writing to inform readers in a fair and thought-provoking way so that people may form their own opinions about issues. I also deeply care about women equality, leadership and the importance of civic engagement, which I hope to translate into a career someday. I am so stricken by the fact that the role of women in public office has a track record of being so minimal and that the desire of women to run for office has not changed even after the oh-so inspirational Hillary Clinton beat the odds and was almost the first ever female president! Through this blog, I hope to inspire women to climb the ladder, make their way up in the world, and to make a change (maybe not in the world, but at least in their own life or in the community). I want to see a world with more female CEO’s, where average wages are equal between men and women, and where women don’t always play the traditional role of being a housewife. In my life, my mother was the breadwinner, the hard-working nurse that did her best to provide for our family. Since she was usually away from home, often pulling 12-hour shifts, my brothers and sisters and I were raised by my grandmother, who inspires me to this day. A woman of strong faith, my grandmother has endured war in the Philippines, overcame struggles of raising a family on a rice-planting farm, and got her children to the U.S. to pursue the American dream. Her simplistic views on life and unwillingness to conform to the norms and changing customs of society really makes you stop and think if what you are doing is really worth it. Anyways, enough about me, I want to hear more about you! Feel free to comment or email me telling me about yourself or with any thoughts/questions about my posts. I want to get to know my readers as well as you get to know me!

I want to leave you with a few facts on my background:
Name: Jessica Busch
Year: First-year Student
Studies: Journalism and Political Science
Hometown: Sleepy Eye, MN (Yes, there really is a town called Sleepy Eye! It’s a small rural town in Southwest MN..population 3,000)
Loves: Running (even outside in the winter!), meeting new people, Habitat for Humanity (you may know me as the first-year representative!), reading Teen Vogue, keeping up with the news, Twitter, and of course Pinterest!
What’s in my iPod: Meg and Dia, Tennis, Mumford & Sons, Regina Spektor, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Florence + The Machine, Passion Pit, Vampire Weekend, The xx, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and I’ll admit: a little bit of Justin Bieber.
Role Models: My mom, grandmother, Lisa Ling, Rachel Slavik, my high school Ag teacher, Hillary Clinton, and Amy Klobuchar.
Fun Fact: I can do the wave with my tummy.

Looking forward to the rest of the year writing for you all!



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