Meet our new blogger, Maddy!

I am very happy and excited to be blogging for the Women’s Center this upcoming semester. I can’t wait to share my ideas and opinions on women’s issues. As a Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies (GWSS) major, I have always had a special affinity towards issues surrounding the way gender plays into the way we as humans interact with each other. However, given that my interaction with these issues has always been in an academic format, I’m super stoked to be writing in a blog-type setting.

Despite my love for feminism, I didn’t always intend to get a degree in Women Studies. In fact, I used to be in the College of Science and Engineering intending to get a degree in Chemistry. Even though I love Science, and still interact with it in a critical way, it was hard to ignore how invigorated I felt discussing politics, sociology, and feminism. As I have grown as a student, writer, and analytical observer over my years at the University, I have learned to complicate a lot of my notions of what it means to be a feminist, an activist, and how engage with these questions in multiple contexts.

In addition to GWSS, I have also studied French for a large portion of my life and will be completing a double major in GWSS and French with a minor Chemistry in Spring 2013. I work for the University’s French Department as a tutor, an editor/writer for the student blog CultureShock, and as a conversation group leader. I studied abroad in France over the past summer and hope to return there next year to work as a Teaching Assistant.

I also work as a Help-line Advocate for the Aurora Center. I help others to process sexual assault and provide advocacy for individuals affected by stalking, harassment, and sexual assault. This issue is incredibly important to me, and the issue of violence prevention within our every day lives is something that I find intriguing on multiple levels. Motivated by my experience as an advocate, I hope to go to graduate school in Social Work and obtain my MSW.

Of course, aside from my role as a student, I have outside hobbies and interests. It’s hard to pick one or even several things that will answer the big question of “who am I?” and “what do I even do?” To start, I love to rock climb, boulder, swim, and do yoga. I travel. I love the polar opposites of the outdoors and the city. I love to cook. I spend a lot of money on coffee and eating out. I am the type of person to blow their paycheck on experiences versus material items: concerts, films, books (because books aren’t objects, they’re experiences), eating out, traveling, etc. I love hip-hop, indie rock, and anything with “soul” (take that to mean whatever you would like).

To put it frankly, it has been a rather weird journey. I have often felt that my academic interests are pulling me in multiple directions at once, and I have often struggled with how integrate all of them. Ultimately, I love to engage with individuals and understand the motivations behind the individual as well as the collective. If I were to describe one thing that I stand for, it is that I seek to help others to find their voices, and always rediscover mine in the process as well.


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