Meet Molly!

Season’s greetings, readers! I’m thrilled to be writing my first blog for the Women’s Center at the University of Minnesota.

As a writing major, I’m constantly looking for creative outlets. The Women’s Center’s blog is inspiring. There is nothing quite like reading a collection of thoughts that is progressive in improving the lives of women and intelligent in the discussion of social issues.

Since you’ll be reading my work throughout the next semester, I’ll give you a little insight into who I actually am. Currently a senior at the University of Minnesota, I’m working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Scientific and Technical Communication (a really complicated way of saying I’m trained in writing grants, proposals, and business documents). I fancy myself a cactus enthusiast and spend a great deal of time paying my bills as a waitress. I also spent a great deal of time at Target yesterday debating whether or not to buy Home Alone on sale, but I digress. At the beginning of this year I lived the best six months of my life, thus far, in Africa. While there I rode an ostrich so I prefer you think of me as exotic. Something a little less exotic about me is my undying love for Hot Pockets. My favorite musician is Elton John, I cry every time I watch It’s a Wonderful Life, and I’m terrible at folding.

I hope your still with me after that paragraph of vital information because we’re on to more important things.

Social injustices are a constant throughout history, and our generation is faced with challenging the inequalities of both past and present times- but we’re in luck! Media has been a part of our lives longer than it has been for any generation before us, and it’s a powerful tool for promoting ideas and causes. This semester, I’d like to research and write about certain injustices near and dear to my heart. As a woman, I’m constantly shocked and angered by the way females are portrayed in entertainment, politics, and society. As a citizen, I’m deeply disheartened by the severe issues existent in our nation’s education system and the effect it has on our children. As a traveler, I’m always baffled by people’s ignorance to the world outside the U.S. And as a human, I’m often discouraged by the way people treat one another, especially when that treatment is based off one’s class, race, or gender. I hope to dig deep into my own thoughts, as well as others’, to write articles that’ll inspire you readers to become more aware of the issues and world around you.

If there’s anything I’ve learned to be true in my short life it is that no harm has ever come from hearing the opinion of others. I’m excited to write my opinions and ideas for you all to read and invite comments and thoughts in response. Discussion and understanding is key to progressive ideas, so let’s get chatting!


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