End-of-the-Semester Guide

Ahh it feels so good to be done with classes, doesn’t it? While most of us are stressing about finals, we must remember to stay smart and sane. With that, I present to you a brief (because who am I kidding, we all only have time to skim things this next week!) end-of-the-semester guide:

1) Find your motivation to succeed

Feminist Ryan Gosling believes in you and I do too!


Seriously. If you want to be adequately prepared for your tests and essays, you can’t be snoozing. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if you wrote “Bell Hooks” or accidentally a letter and your essay ends up being all about seism? (As interesting as the latter situation might be, I doubt things like patriarchy relate to earthquakes. Unless earthquakes are actually manmade, in which case I’d say go for it.)

3) Watch a movie

There is a plethora of amazing fall/winter movies to go see, not to mention it’s the season for holiday movies (two of my favorites: It’s a Wonderful Life and Love Actually). You may also choose to watch a craptastic movie. Bad movies aren’t always fun to watch, unless they end up unintentionally funny like Troll 2 or the Twilight movies (I just watched Breaking Dawn: Part 2, and it was pretty hilarious).

3.5) Read a book

Better yet, find out what happens in upcoming movies like The Hobbit, The Great Gatsby, and Les Misérables on your own!

4) Take advantage of the snow before it potentially melts and build a snowWOMAN

There really aren’t enough snowwomen out there, and whenever I see one it was obviously just made to construct large snowbreasts. Very mature, people.

5) Check out TedxWomen

It looks like there are plenty of very thought-provoking talks this year, and I personally am very excited to have a badass-feminist night with my sister to watch some of these lectures.

6) Get started on your holiday shopping list

Need to get a gift for a child? Try GoldieBlox, a new toy geared at getting young girls interested in engineering (and one that I wish I had when I was little).

7) Add some GWSS classes

You know you want to.

8) Sign up to volunteer for the Women’s Center

You know you want to.

9) Sign up for Elect Her

You know you want to.

Last but not least…

10) Relax, but don’t get too comfortable

As much as we’d all love to just veg on the couch, we can’t get sloppy. Don’t forget to watch deadlines for summer jobs, internships, scholarships, etc. Keep paying attention to politics—the fact that so many powerful women have been elected to Congress doesn’t mean that legislation passed in lame duck sessions isn’t important (have you heard about Michigan?). Finally, watch your language. As brutal as your last final was, it didn’t rape you. Often we forget the implications of various colloquial phrases (e.g. “that’s retarded” and “you’re so lame”), and this is no exception. Also, using these words so casually dismisses the severity of the act. And…do I really need to continue?

Remember readers: stay safe, be smart, and have an enjoyable finals week!


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