As a strategic communications student and Women’s Center intern, there’s no way I could not post about the Super Bowl ads of 2013.

Of course, it’s not surprising that there was sexism in many of the advertisements this year, but what is surprising is that a majority of people don’t even realize it. I don’t blame them, I mean we are so used to these types of messages being thrown at us;

Buy a car, get the girl.

Don’t have a prom date? It’s cool, grab and kiss the prom queen without her consent.

Women are sexy. Men are smart. You can’t be both, unless you’re a man.

In particular, I was most turned off by the Audi ‘Prom’ commercial. The message of the ad is, “Bravery. It’s what defines us,” which has the potential to be a great campaign, however, there are a lot of things that define bravery. Grabbing and kissing someone without his/her consent, is not one of those things.

I know some people think that pointing out every little thing that could appear sexist in an ad is a bit overkill, claiming, “It’s just advertising, chill out!”

Oh, if only that were true. If only it were just advertising.

If only the media we consume didn’t influence the way we think. Why do you think there women and girls who don’t feel comfortable about their bodies? Why do you think so many cosmetic plastic surgery operations are performed on young girls/women? Why do you think the make-up industry will always be a money-maker? You don’t see many men buying anti-age cream, do you? All of these subtle, and not so subtle, messages can (and do) create huge implications on how we think.

I give major props to Miss Representation for pushing its #NotBuyingIt campaign during the Super Bowl. Viewers were encouraged to tweet using the #NotBuyingIt hashtag when they witnessed an advertisement using sexism or a misrepresentation of women and/or girls. Go Daddy received 7,728 tweets, Audi received 1,700, followed by Kia Motors with 816. Want to know what people had to say? Here’s a full recap of tweets from the game. But don’t stop there! #NotBuyIt is an ongoing movement, when you see women being misrepresented in advertisements, let those companies know that you’re not buying it!

This goes WAY beyond the Super Bowl, I challenge you to keep track of all the media advertisements you consume that portray some type of sexism. You’ll be surprised.

Leave a comment below with ads you’ve seen that demonstrate either a positive or negative representation of women. I’d also love to see the counts if any of actually partake in my challenge 🙂



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