Student Government Profile: Sharin Park

Leading up to our February 23 Elect Her – Campus Women Win training, the Women’s Center is featuring some of the women currently participating in student government to shed light on the myriad of ways to get involved in governance and campus leadership. Today, we are profiling Sharin Park.

1. Describe your involvement in student government (roles, organizations, responsibilities, etc.).
Currently, I serve as the Executive Administrative Assistant. My primary responsibility is to assist the President and help the other leadership in the Minnesota Student Association (MSA). My duties range from cleaning up the office and ordering food for Forum to being at meetings with the President to take minutes.

2. What sparked your interest in participating in student government?
I have always been a part of the student government throughout my whole life. However, I became involved in MSA after someone reached out to me and told me to join. WIth a little push, I was able to feel comfortable within the association and take on a leadership role.

3. What is most rewarding about your involvement?
The most rewarding thing about my involvement is when articles in the MN Daily showcase what MSA is doing. Also, when students walk into our office and say that they want to get involved because they heard about the work we’ve done.

4. What is challenging about your involvement?
I find it difficult to represent the whole student body and incorporate everyone’s opinions in our position statements and resolutions.

5. What tips do you have for other women students interested in student government?
Join student government today!

Want to learn more about getting involved in student government and leadership? Apply to participate in the Elect Her training by February 8.


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