Seventeen magazine suggests teen girls shouldn’t be one of the guys

I’m sad to admit that at the age of 20, I still faithfully buy Seventeen magazine. Flipping through this month’s issue, though, makes me think that this might be the last time I purchase it. They have a monthly section in the magazine where they talk specifically about guys, guys’ opinions on girls, and ways to get guys. It’s virtually the same recycled jargon teenage girls are subjected to daily by media, but this month’s issue had something that really infuriated me.

In a little column called “Guy Friends Spill,” a guy representing our own St. Paul had something to say regarding being “girly”:

photo (2)

Oh, Kerry! Why?!

The first time I read through his statement, I thought it was one of those entries that Seventeen likes to include that contains advice from a guy that girls should ignore. Sadly, after rereading it I realized that this is legitimate.

Kerry is 22, meaning he’s lived in this world for 22 years. In those 22 years, he’s decided that he doesn’t like girls who are similar to him. His saying, “guys like you because you are different than we are” is a really sad representation of straight men in society. Kerry, you’re telling me that you’re attracted to women because they’re different than you are? Do you really dislike yourself that much that you justify your attraction to women solely because of their difference from men? Woah, I bet your mom, sister, grandma, aunt, girlfriend would love to hear that.

I particularly love how Kerry tries to cool the temperature by reassuring girls that they don’t need to “feel pressure” to act a certain way. Funny, Kerry, by stating that you’re only attracted to girls who fit your standard of femininity, it seems that you’re pressuring them to act a certain way.

Kerry then goes on to say that girls saying words like ‘bro’ or ‘dude’ “just sound weird coming out of a girl’s mouth.” Huh. I’d just like to throw out there that a guy telling me how I need to act in order to attract him would probably sound a bit weird coming out of his mouth, too.

Finally, the grand finale! Kerry ends his spiel with one of my favorite sentences in the English language: “It won’t make a guy like you more!”

I actually cannot believe that I’ve finally discovered the higher power that knows all. Wow. Not only is Kerry letting me and the other readers of Seventeen in on this tidbit of priceless knowledge, he’s also telling me what every other guy on the planet thinks. Who ever would have thought that 22-year-old Kerry from St. Paul, Minnesota has the ability to read the minds of every man in the human race? Absolutely astounding!

In all seriousness though, it scares me that a multi-million dollar magazine that is targeted at teenage girls is selling these ideas. The fact that Kerry was able to say this and get it published means that there’s an editor in the Seventeen offices who agreed with him–agreed with him enough to publish it, and further ingrain in teenage girl minds that they need to possess a certain level of femininity in order to attract a man.

Girls need to do one thing in order to attract someone: be themselves. If a teenage girl says ‘bro’ or ‘dude’ in every sentence, then so be it. There’s no structured template that girls need to fit into in order to attract anyone.

I hope that Kerry gains a bit more perspective in his 23rd year of life, because bro, you really need to grow up.


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