A Look At Tavi Gevenson, Rookie Mag, & the Younger Feminist Generation


Tavi Gevinson has created a web empire that reigns from a nationally recognized fashion blog at the age of 12 to her own girl-empowerment website (and related book) at the age of 16. Tavi has dedicated her spare time (ya know, after high school) to helping girls across the nation connect their thoughts and words on a safe forum- the Rookie Mag site- that features articles about growing up and being girl and just HOW COOL that whole process really is.

Tavi Gevinson is the youngest member of the public feminist family and the beautiful thing is that she truly makes her focus the younger generation, her generation. Each month the Rookie Mag site picks a theme to center their content around and April is the AGE OF INNOCENCE. It inspires girls to think about themselves, their life questions, and surroundings, and asks them to express those thoughts in poems, stories, essays, comics, clothing, and music. The site is a perfect mixture of pop culture, fashion, adolescent social issues, and feminism-, which keeps girls interested and informed. Its main staff is Tavi, her friends, and hired teenage girls (which keeps the site grounded) but has also featured a variety of contributors ranging from readers to celebrities. Tavi exposes her fellow youth to old music, Gevinson herself is a Fleetwood Mac super fan, new fashion, and bold ideas- most importantly, however, she has made it known that everything you could possibly think you’re alone in, you’re not.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the “Ask a Grown Man” segment, which features weekly videos from different celebrity guest stars, e.g., Jon Hamm, Jimmy Fallon, and B.J. Novak, answering reader questions about life and boys. The beauty of this segment is how quick these men are to disregard the importance of the other gender- openly telling readers that it doesn’t matter because there are more important things out there- a beautiful message to a generation that’s still trying to figure that whole mess out. The Dear Diary section features stories from staff about daily issues and woes and creates a sense of family important to a site so focused on bringing girls together.

And that’s just what this site loves to do. It takes the (seemingly) big problems of being a teenage girl and opens them up to healthy discussion, laughs, and understanding. For every heartbreak, friend fight, and bad grade there’s good music, life lessons, and great issues to be learned about. Tavi has created a sphere in which young girls can develop who they are while simultaneously developing a sense of feminist empowerment.

Where was Tavi when I was 16?

Check out Rookie Mag & feel like a kid again: http://rookiemag.com/



One thought on “A Look At Tavi Gevenson, Rookie Mag, & the Younger Feminist Generation

  1. Wow, this website is awesome! I wish I would’ve had a resource like this when I was fifteen! They do a beautiful job of answering tricky questions and addressing ‘taboo’ topics. Thanks for sharing!

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