She wears pants

The question: You get to have lunch with the most influential woman (in your eyes); who is it? why? where do you go? what do you talk about?

This question is much more difficult than I had originally thought, I mean, there are quite a few women out there who I look up to. But… if I had to pick one, I’d go back in time and sit down with the screen-legend, Katharine Hepburn. (I bet any of my family members who read this are probably thinking “Wait, don’t you mean Audrey?”) And, of course, I would love that too, but when I look at where I am today, the work I do, and where my interests lie, I think Katharine would be the more interesting lunch date. As for the lunch location, I’m not so sure, and quite honestly, wouldn’t care, but perhaps a little picnic at her rather large (8,368 square feet to be exact) estate in Connecticut? (I mean, damn!)

Now, where would that conversation even begin? I’d want to know everything from movie roles portraying strong, independent women, to her mother’s work with the Women’s Suffrage Movement, to wearing pants instead of dresses, to openly supporting abortion and access to birth control, to denying herself a feminist (that could be a long conversation…), gender identity and breaking the social norms of her time, to her early work on the stage to big blockbuster hits. I’d want to know what it was like to work with Cary Grant AND Jimmy Stewart in the same flippin’ movie…. I mean, the list goes on.

When I think of Katharine Hepburn, I think of a strong, outspoken, independent woman who gave Hollywood something interesting and unconventional. She stood up for what she believed in, broke social norms, and made some darn good films. In all honesty, I’d probably spend half the conversation talking to her about the Golden Age of Hollywood and what that era was really like…

Or we could just talk about why she thinks women can’t have it all (career and family). That might be more interesting… and much more blog-worthy.


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