Thank You For Taking Action Against Street Harassment!

On Monday evening, The Women’s Center hosted a panel discussion aimed at educating about and taking action against street harassment. As the person who primarily organized and facilitated the event, I must say, I was elated to see everything come together into a fruitful discussion where folks could share their stories, their hopes, and their fears in regards to this issue that plagues our society. The conversation did not end or even begin in STSS 330 that evening–I heard that many of my peers had passionate discussion about it before the event in mixed company, and after the event, the conversation kept going. I am quite blessed to see that everything we put into this event is touching the lives of folks from all backgrounds and experiences!

I have a good amount of people and organizations I want to publicly express my gratitude for. Without them, this event would not have been as influential as it was.

First, I want to thank our panelists. Katie Eichele (Director of the Aurora Center), Paridise Valentino (Programs & Development Director in TYSN), Zenzele Isoke (Assistant Professor in Department of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies), and Mike Cheney (CSPP Intern in the Women’s Center), you all were PHENOMENAL! When I had the idea to create a panel, I wanted to bring together people with diverse perspectives and backgrounds to create a holistic discussion, and you all created the fiercest panel I have ever seen! The work you do is beautiful, and we need more folks like you in the world! Thank you so much!

I want to thank our guest poet, Alexus Smiley. Your future is definitely a bright one, and your talents on the stage and on the page are dangerous! As you come up in the world, know that the Women’s Center is always here for you!

Thank you to all the attendees! Your stories inspired me to continue to work on these tough issues that affect us every day. Continue sharing your stories–you never know how they will inspire the next person!

Next, I want to thank our sponsors: GLBTA Programs Office, Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence, Women’s Student Activist Collective, and Voices Merging. Without your contributions, this event would not have come to fruition. Thank you for supporting our office and our vision!

I want to especially thank Jason Jackson, Assistant Director of GBLTA Programs Office. Thank you for believing in the vision, helping me in any way that you could and telling it like is! You are such a fierce individual, and I am so lucky to have you in my corner! PS: Congrats on getting into the Higher Ed program! They are not ready for you!

I want to thank my fabulous Women’s Center co-workers. The vibe of the office is so supportive, and that kept motivating me through this entire process. You all are definitely the best group of folks I have ever had the privilege to work alongside.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank the GREATEST SUPERVISOR, MENTOR, AND FRIEND Anitra Cottledge!! You are the BEST!! I have never felt so comfortable, open, and safe with someone I have worked with before. Supervisor meetings are one of my favorite times of the week! Thank you for putting in extra work to help me out with this event and every other project I worked on this year, and thank you for being an inspiration to me down my journey of womanhood. 😀

Keep fighting the good fight everyone!


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