Remember that You’re Lucky

With graduation on the horizon I write to all who are soon to embark on the journey to the real world which feels weird partially because of the delayed spring weather but more so weird considering that career and 9-5 schedule thing.

Here’s what I think about that. We are so lucky as women to have a world of choices open to us. Be it scary or frustrating, the job hunt is a privilege our generation has been given and must be taken seriously. All too often I find myself watching reruns of Mad Men in which Betty Draper, lead housewife, finds herself so bored with her career-less life that she often sits on the couch eating bugles leading to her somewhat horrific and quick weight gain. Even in the middle of the recession, consider every moment how lucky you are to be a woman at a University given the privilege of education and career when not so long ago such things were rare occurrences.

I currently am interviewing and applying left and right to jobs I’m either too-qualified or under-qualified for. I’m facing rejections, harsh interviews, and moments of insecurity and all so often I curse the heavens for giving me great opportunities in conjunction with a large sum of debt. So, in order to keep my spirits high and my motivation going, I compiled a list of women who have done extraordinary things. My gift to you is to choose one of these women, each day, and read about them or view their work and remember that you too are just as capable of achieving great things because so many great women have come before you and given you the chance to do so.

Nora Ephron- A woman known for sticking to her guns and getting her way because she knew her way was right.

Kathryn Bigelow- First female director to win an Oscar.

Lena Dunham- 26 year-old with her own TV series, which she writes, produces, directs, and stars in- WOAH.

J.K. Rowling- Greatest author of all-time.

Jane Austin- One of the best female novelists of all-time responsible for creating the greatest heroin of all-time, Elisabeth Bennet.

Sacajawea- Showed Lewis and Clark the way of the West and was too humble to ever ask for her rightful credit.

Julia Child- She wants you to eat butter because you should.

Phylicia Rashad- Coolest TV mom ever who was also a successful lawyer.

Meryl Streep- She’s Meryl Streep.

Ok, now tell me some of your heroines.

Good luck to all,


One thought on “Remember that You’re Lucky

  1. Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton – had been a single Mother at one time and still became Mayor
    My friend Ann – the first MN stepmom to legally adopt her stepchildren
    My friend Carrie – the first MN woman to referee men’s college soccer
    and to all the women who break the molds that were meant to contain us…

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