My week in music

Prompt: Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of five songs that represent it.

It’s hard enough remembering what happened last week, let alone thinking of songs to represent it, but I’ll do my best. Let’s see, Monday? Ah, yes, Mondays. Mondays are usually my least favorite day (I know, how original), but they are jam-packed from a staff meeting at 8:00 a.m. to a four-hour night class ending at 9pm. On St. Paul Campus… way. over. there. But sometimes, Mondays are awesome and you head over to that four-hour night class only to discover that CLASS IS CANCELED. And so is that quiz. And oh. my. gosh. it’s Monday and I’m done at 4, not 9pm and I screamed, “Is this the real life? is this just a fantasy…” (Yeah, I went there. Be warned, this post is so corny). Then it snowed and I was seriously questioning if it was real life…

And then BuzzFeed came out (no pun intended) with this perfect article and made me laugh. A lot. BECAUSE IT’S SO TRUE. I think Jane might have wrote this song…

Tuesday through Thursday is a blur.

Thursday night I went to a show at Mixed Blood and was not prepared for the emotional wreck it turned me in to. If I remember correctly, my tweet following the show was something along the lines of “I feel like I just got punched in the face with an emotional fist.” Definitely a Fistful of Love…

And then the sun came out and it was warm and all of Minnesota was happy for about two days!


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