My Week’s Playlist

Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of five songs that represent it. 

(Shhh I’m doing six)

This past week has been hectic, exhausting, and stressful to say the least. When I’m not at work or in class, I’m probably writing an essay or procrastinating said essay by checking out Facebook and Reddit.

However, I still managed to find time to relax in the sun and forget about being stressed. The first time I did so was on the University Singers concert tour this last weekend. We traveled around parts of Minnesota from Thursday through Saturday, doing clinics and concerts with high school students. On Saturday, we had a stretch of downtime at one of the high schools, so we went outside and played ninja. In the glory of the sunshine and relaxation, I had songs from Hair stuck in my head:

After coming home Saturday night, all I wanted to do was sleep (though thanks to Spring Jam partiers in Dinkytown, I couldn’t do so right away). All day Sunday I resisted writing my essay in favor of completing other homework in the sun. It took me a long time until I could finally do more than stare at the paper outline because I had absolutely no energy or motivation to start:

Sunday night I pulled an all-nighter. Naturally, I was exhausted on Monday and was ecstatic to learn that choir was cancelled. Free afternoon = time to sleep!

Tuesday night I spent cleaning my apartment, baking cookies, and going out to dinner with my boyfriend for his birthday. While I still felt stressed out about some things, I was able to forget about everything when I stared lovingly into my boyfriend’s eyes. I had the following song stuck in my head all day, making me reminisce back to show choir in 7th grade when we performed it (and skipped the questionable verse):

Rain. Cold. Ugh. My allergies really kicked in on Wednesday (I lost track of how many Kleenexes I had used by 10 am) and at the end of the day I spilled tea all over the back of my pants. Not a great way to start May, that’s for sure.

I hope everyone’s next few weeks go well. Good luck with your essays and finals!

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