My Week in Song

So, this week has been all over the place really. Highs and lows, lots of stress, lots of frustration, and also lots of missing my hometown, Long Beach, CA. Most of my frustration was aimed at comments on classism that weren’t well thought out and were coming from really privileged upper-mid class people, this is where the Everclear song comes in. The comments on classism made me think of the line “I love those people who try to tell you ‘Money is the root of all that kills’, they have never been poor, they have never had the joy of a welfare Christmas”. Some of the frustration was aimed at radical race politics which aim to dismantle racism but inadvertently perpetuate it in different ways (this is where Scapegoat comes in). Estado de Verguenza was added because a lot of the past two weeks (which have just felt like one ginormous crappy week, aside from the weekend) have been focused on the concept and effects of institutionalized racism, and also my heritage and being biracial and how that affects my interactions with racism. Brighter than Sunshine was kind of the upswing of my week, which has mainly consisted of a trip to Chicago (last weekend, it was wonderful), having good conversations with friends and classmates, random positive interactions with strangers (like the lady who told me I have bad-ass tights) and coming home to my fiance. Yesterday I heard the song on the radio and last night it was going through my head as I counted my blessings and thought about how in high school I thought I would never get to this point in my life. The last song mostly has to do with missing Long Beach. Lately I’ve been missing Long Beach and California in general quite terribly, which is odd because the last time I was there, it kind of felt unfamiliar, and that was about four or five years ago, but I guess deep down it is still home, or at least one of two homes for me. This song also kind of sums up these past two weeks (though I do not light up a cigarette while I strap shoes on my feet, nor does my mom smoke pot, hit the bottle, or go back to the rock…don’t take the song too literally). Here’s my week in song:

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