My life last week in five songs

When I heard we’d be blogging about our life in music, I was really excited. Then when I actually sat down to write the post, I realized two things:

  1. I can’t remember what I did last week.
  2. My life is pretty much the same every day.

To take care of the first part, I sat down with my work calendar and tried to piece my life together. I remembered that my youngest son (2.5 years old) was a little sick on Monday, so I took him to the doctor. Tuesday I spoke in my friend/coworker’s social work policy class on how to use Twitter as an advocacy tool. Wednesday, sadly, for the life of me I cannot remember what I did. Thursday I remember having a phone call for my Prematurity Task Force group. Friday? No idea. I think I went out to eat with a friend. Saturday I cleaned and hung out with my kids while having a headache.

My days are pretty much always the same.

But here’s the thing. I like how my life is. I like my job, I like the stresses that come from my job (because I enjoy what I do and I love my colleagues). I love spending all my time with my children, and I love my friends and family. So the following playlist would be applicable to all of my weeks (though there’d be occasional change-ups when workplace deadlines arise or I have my one night per month out with friends).

1. Why Can’t We by Asa

This song is great, mostly for the video, and because it does ask a great question: Why can’t we be happy? I love the part where it talks about doing what you can today and not worrying about things you can’t see or don’t know. Lyrics

2. Windsong by John Forte & Sunsay

Again, like the first one, the video is what does it for me. Both the video and the song just give this feeling of peace and calm. I also get this sense that they recognize that things might be hard right now, but they will get better. “Change is in the air, your reach is everywhere, I wanna hear you speak, do come here.”

3. Same Love by Macklemore+Ryan Lewis

My oldest son (4 years old) likes to know the name and artist of each song we hear. He loves the Same Love video, mostly because of the baby in the very beginning but also because of how happy everyone is towards the end. He finally asked me the name of the song last week; after I told him, he said “That means you love me, right?” I took the opportunity to explain to him that the song means nobody’s love for another is less than somebody else’s love, that if a woman loves a man, that love is as meaningful as when a man loves a man or a woman loves a woman. After I finished my big speech and felt like I’d accomplished something, he said “Mommy look at that!” and pointed to something outside, clearly distracted. But I still consider it a win.

This song is for that day last week, and also for every other day that I work to instill such values in my children.

4. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

I felt like I needed to include this song because it is my life every single day. I’m pretty sure we watch this video at least once a week. I also enjoy it and love to participate.

5. Riziki – Jamnazi Afrika

The weather was warm, then it was cold, now it is warm again. When the weather is like this I especially love listening to my East African music, knowing that it’s going to get hot soon enough. I feel happy and cheerful with warm weather and East African music. It brings back great memories. This song was played everywhere in Kenya, the several times I’ve been there. It’s one of the most popular songs and it’s a great song to listen to in the car with the windows down. The lyrics aren’t necessarily reminiscent of hot sunny beaches or anything like that. It’s more the song itself and my associations with it. Needless to say, I’ve been listening to this song lately.


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