My Week in Music

For our last blog post of the semester, we were challenged with describing our week through songs. What’s funny about this is that SO MANY GREAT TRACKS/VIDEOS dropped last week. Like seriously. My ears were in overload with the awesomeness that it kind of eclipsed some of my days. So this post will feature my favorite releases of the week, most of them from the same mixtapes. I highly encourage that you go and check them out and download them in your free time!

Cole Summer – J. Cole

I have to indulge, y’all. J. Cole is one of my all-time favorites. Say what you want, but that’s the homie right there. I have been on the edge of my seat, waiting (im)patiently for his next album Born Summer (slighted for a June 25th release!), and he is just so great because he’s been dropping songs here and there to keep his fans on their toes. Monday he dropped “Cole Summer,” which caught a little controversy because of his line about the Mowry twins, Tia and Tamera. They took it lightly by the way, which made me giggle ^_^ (they’re so great!). What was even better was that after he dropped “Cole Summer”, he spontaneously decided to drop another EP the next day titled Truly Yours 2. You can find Truly Yours 2, which includes “Cole Summer” here.

Chance the Rapper – So Good (Good Ass Intro)

Way to put on for the Chi! On Tuesday, Chicago rapper Chance the Rapper dropped his second mixtape album titled Acid Rap, and can I just say that I am already slighting it for one of the top releases of 2013. Seriously, this was just what I needed. It was a breath of fresh air. It was a pleasant reminder of the city I call home. It was a masterfully done project. Hands down. This track, “So Good (Good Ass Intro)” kicks off the mixtape in a joyful manner, but the entire album takes you on a journey of joy, heartbreak, tragedy, good times, nostalgia, and beyond. Being from Chicago, with very similar of an upbringing as Chance and attending a school much like his high school, I resonated with everything from the album. Chance even took it further to incorporate distinct musical traditions of Chicago, such as the “juke” style of music. As far as how the nation’s receiving it, Acid Rap is getting rave reviews from all over, from the L.A. Times, Complex, and Billboard, among others. Please head on over to and hit the Download butto–you will not be disappointed.

Janelle Monae feat. Erykah Badu – Q.U.E.E.N.

Cuz the booty don’t lie! When this track dropped a couple weeks ago, I was elateddddd. Janelle Monae is one breed of greatness. Erykah is another. But together?! I could not prepare for it even if I tried. Not only is this track added to my “Turn Up” playlist, it instills much empowerment for me. I loved the piece Crunk Feminist Collective featured relating it to black feminist pleasure politics. Because, honestly…this track is really interacting with these weighty topics in a hip manner. There is a wave going on, a movement revolving around pleasure politics, and I’m excited to see what happens of it. In the meantime…enjoy the dope bars Janelle lays at the end. 😉

Chance the Rapper – Interlude (That’s Love)

Y’all…it was just one of those weeks, and “Interlude (That’s Love)” spoke to me. lol 🙂

Chance the Rapper feat. Childish Gambino – Favorite Song

I always joke about how I get this gushy, butterflies-in-tummy feeling when I listen to “Interlude (That’s Love)” just to have that be erased in two seconds and replaced with the urge to bop/fake footwork when “Favorite Song” comes on. This track just gets me hype but in a playful way. When I listen to the lyrics, I am like, “….yup. That’s me.” When my favorite song comes on, I am the FIRST to hit the dance floor! Remember That’s So Raven? Yeah, that’s me. So it was nice to have a song that pokes fun at it while also recognizing how completely okay it is to be that one. Especially with us dance stars in the office, I am sure this song would be appreciated around these parts. 😉

As I bid farewell to this year, I just want to thank the readers, bloggers, Women’s Center Staff, and especially Taylor Kippels for contributing to a great experience this year. Enjoy your summers everyone! 🙂

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