A Few Things to Share

Ok, I’ll admit, the first Friday of the month crept up on me a bit, and I may have totally forgotten about writing this blog today, so I don’t have a huge point to make or a structured argument or anything like that. I do, however, have some stuff to share.

This week I discovered and realized a few things:

1. This is awesome, incredibly disheartening, but awesome:



2. http://www.glamour.com/inspired/2013/06/attention-rapists-youve-met-your-match (ok, first off, why is there only one person of color in this picture?) – this has a couple of problems, but it is still inspiring. I don’t know about you, but it gives me hope.

3. Just because it’s Friday, and what better way to start the weekend than with something cute? Not to mention something that shows the true nature of Pitbulls. I know, usually I talk about things like racism and sexism, but I also really hate breed discrimination and breed specific legislation (a dog’s breed isn’t what determines whether it is going to be gentle or agressive, but rather how it’s raised and treated). http://www.ksn.com/2013/06/06/pit-bull-adopts-shih-tzu-poodles-puppies/

4. Last, but definitely not least, for anyone who hasn’t heard of The Mindy Project, check it out! When I first saw this show, I totally brushed it off as another pointless production conforming and reiterating mainstream hetero/sexism and perpetuating mainstream ideas about people of color, but I was wrong, very wrong. This show is way smarter than I initially gave it credit for. At times, yes, it has issues and is a bit conformist, and yeah, it is still pretty heterocentric, BUT I’ve learned that it is written/produced by Mindy Kaling herself (a woman of color taking up space in the mainstream, and for the most part unapologetically, pretty awesome). In addition to this, there are a lot of smart comments made in this show about things like society’s beauty standards being based on tall skinny white women “with perfect noses”, about exoticization of people of color and non-judeo-christian religions, about self respect and autonomy, among other things. There are other shows that have been hailed and praised as feminist icons. Girls is one example. I loved this show when it first came out, it did so much in terms of breaking boundaries in regards to body image and beauty standards, but the more I watched the show, I found myself thinking “does it really?”. No, not in my opinion anyways, because the entire cast is white, and the only character breaking beauty boundaries also happens to be the writer/producer of the show. All the other characters, for the most part, fit into society’s narrow definition of skinny white beauty. I don’t want to totally trash this show, because it makes some good points, but I do want to point out that it is a far cry from a feminist icon due to its implicit racism (and a few other things, but I don’t want this to turn into a personal rant). My point: like what you like, but check out The Mindy Project, it’s great.

That being said, hope everyone is having a great Friday!

2 thoughts on “A Few Things to Share

  1. For the record, this was supposed to be posted on Friday (hence all the references to Friday), but did not post for some reason. Sorry for any confusion!

  2. Loved the post – and the links to further reading. Love the glamour link! Nice to know that people are fed up enough to stand up and change the thinking behind it all. What a brave group of women!

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