Introducing: Sam White

My name is Sam White. I am a recent transplant from the East Coast who has been recently accepting advice from strangers about how to best deal with winter, learning the concept of Minnesota nice, and explaining the differences between North Jersey and South Jersey.

I attended Clark Atlanta University, a historically black university in Atlanta, Georgia for undergrad. I received my Bachelor of Arts in French, which almost always means that there is a relatively high chance I will be asked by a stranger to say something in French when I tell them what I studied. I never know what to say. I am also always asked if I have ever lived in Paris. I have not. I studied for a semester in Rennes, France and most recently taught English to high school students in Marseille, France for the 2012-2013 school year. I miss the Mediterranean Sea, eating baguettes for dinner, and speaking Franglais.

I am currently a graduate student at the University of Minnesota in the Youth Development Leadership program (College of Education and Human Development.) My interests include positive youth development, out of school time programming, and how race, class, sexuality, and gender intersect in the lives of youth. I am also a second term AmeriCorps member who is really passionate about civic service and community engagement.

Strengths: Vegan baking, critically analyzing every piece of media I consume, live tweeting award shows, facilitating ice breakers, updating my Netflix queue.

Weaknesses: Tweeting too much, crying at movie trailers and not the actual movie, being the last one to order at a restaurant, not watching any of the movies in my Netflix queue.

Likes: Being from New Jersey, Zadie Smith, soccer, Arrested Development, Mad Men, all of the webseries on the Black and Sexy channel, soul music, thrifting.

Dislikes: Cilantro, people touching my natural hair without permission, offensive humor being called satire, not being near the greatest convenience store ever, Wawa.

Loves: Intersectional feminism, vulnerability, intentional community, social justice, authenticity.



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