Introduction: Storm

Hey y’all,

My name is Storm, and I am currently a graduate student in Sport
Management here at the University of Minnesota. I am also an intern at the Women’s Center. Yes, my name is real, and no there is not a cool story about it. My parents just got super creative. My sister’s name is Raven and my brother’s name is Daniel. Go figure…

Some background information on me: I was born and raised in Florida. I received my Bachelors of Science in Sport Administration and a minor in Communication Studies from Louisiana State University. I grew up wearing flip-flops and surviving hurricanes. Jackets and snowstorms
are all new to me.

I am a huge sports fanatic, obviously since I’ve devoted two degrees to the business of sport. I enjoy the aesthetics of sport and making pilgrimages to various sport facilities. Mondays are devoted to calling my grandmother to discuss what the Miami Dolphins did right or wrong on Sunday.

I attribute my love of sport to my grandmother, which correlates to my main interest in this field: women and athletics. My grandmother and my studies on the barriers women face in all aspects of sports (ex: media, participation, leadership roles) is what made me want to join this blog and share information. For example, of 120 Division I-A schools (the big time schools we hear about), only 5 of the athletic directors are female. I hope to share information like this with you and help you become of aware of issues not highly publicized.

On a more personal note:
Stuff I love: My puppy, Friends reruns, Pretty Little Liars, 90s
female grunge rockers, America
Stuff I don’t love: Alabama, the New York Jets, and when my teams lose (specifically to those two teams)


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