Urban Growler: Welcoming Women into the World of Craft Brewing


Minnesota is quickly rising to the top of the craft brewing scene, a scene that, up until now, has been primarily male dominated. Most of the big name craft breweries such as Big Wood, Steel Toe, and Surly, are businesses that have been owned or started by men, with most, or nearly all, of the staff being men. This winter, however, a new contender is bursting into the realm of craft brewing, and bursting the male-dominated bubble that is craft brewing.
Urban Growler is owned and operated by two women, Deb Loch and Jill Pavlak. The two women hope to turn a 6,200 square foot space into a brew-house and taproom in the Hamline-Midway neighborhood of St.Paul. The women are taking a bold new approach to brewing as well as marketing. Urban Growler will be one of few taprooms to offer half-pint beers, a smaller size that Loch and Pavlak believe is sought out by many women. The taproom will also feature shorter stools, and other small tweaks that are an effort to make the craft beer experience more welcoming to women. Their approach to brewing also includes innovative ideas, such as a “Plow to Pint” series, which will bring locally grown ingredients and the stories of local farmers into their brews. There is also the innovative and progressive concept of “Urban Growers”, which will allow customers with urban gardens to trade some of their own home-grown ingredients, such as rhubarb, in to Urban Growler to trade for a pint of the beer it is used in.
Urban Growler will be located at 1750 Thomas Ave, Saint Paul MN. The business will open in the late fall of 2013. An opening date has not yet been announced.


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