Pop Culture Thursday

By Emma Dahlgren

For this week’s pop culture Thursday, I am going to talk about three books written by women that I am super excited to read!

The Help: I know, I know, I should’ve totally read this book already. And I’ve already watched the movie, so that’s even worse. But nevertheless, this book is totally on my list of must-reads, because it has a ton of girl-power going on. A main character who defies the “normal” social convention of marriage and of women keeping their mouths shut? And women who are oppressed because of their race defying their oppression? I’m in!

The Bell Jar: Written by Sylvia Plath, this story is about a girl who feels like she doesn’t fit into society’s definition of womanhood. Sounds like something a lot of us can relate to, so I’m definitely putting it on my list. Warning: it looks like it will probably be pretty sad. She falls into a serious depression. But maybe that’s something we can learn from.

The Second Sex: As a feminist, it’s pretty obvious why I want to read this book. It’s all about how gender is basically just a socially constructed thing. And, just in case you’re confused, women are the ones that are being repressed by this social construction. Anyway, it sounds like a pretty informative book and I am definitely putting it on my list!

I hope you will consider reading these books as well! Happy Thursday!


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