Why can’t I be a female sports fan?

By Storm Blitz

My graduate research and my interests have normally been focused on college athletics, primarily policies and leadership. However, recently, I have been encountering situations that demoralize the female sport fan.

NFL Mobile from Verizon has a new campaign called #FOMOF (Fear Of Missing Out On Football). They are funny. They show men in situations where they are forced to miss their Sunday football game. But, they are forced to miss the game because either their daughter wants to watch a television show, or their wife wants to pick apples on a Sunday. The blame is being shifted to women.

Now, a new commercial shows a woman who is forced to be at a baby shower instead of her Sunday football game. At first, I thought it was great! They are appealing to the female fan, but then I realized the blame is still being shifted towards women. I did some research, and this blog post explains the problem better than I ever could.

This campaign got me thinking about my own struggles with being a female fan.

I frequently tweet about sports. Sports are my life. Why must my male followers always challenge me when I make a critical analysis? When I am at a bar and start screaming at the television, why does a male always have to try to prove me wrong?

Brent Grimes, cornerback for the Miami Dolphins, has a wife, Miko, who is extremely active on Twitter. The other day she was having a conversation with her twitter followers, defending herself that even though her husband is a football player, she has been involved in following athletics for a long time, that her husband has nothing to do with it. It turned into a discussion on how women have to prove they know sports.

Why is it so shocking that women are sports fans. Women comprise of about 44% of the NFL fans in 2011-12. I only expect a more recent study would yield higher numbers. The NFL is constantly trying to reach out to the female audience, producing female clothing, maturnity clothing, and marketing the “fanicure.”

Why is every commercial focused on a group of guys drinking beer and watching football?

In order to PROVE fandom, why must a woman have to rattle off ridiculous statistics that your average sports fan will not know? I want to be able to analyze my favorite sport team without having to prove that yes, I know what I am talking about.

This buzz feed post shows that I am not alone. Take a look, gives pictures describing the female sport fan problems. I probably have experienced about 90% of these instances.

It is a challenge being a female sports fan, but it is a challenge I accept.


2 thoughts on “Why can’t I be a female sports fan?

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