Follow Friday: The Infamous L

The Infamous L

The Infamous L

Today, I’m featuring the website The Infamous L. Created by none other than “The Infamous L,” she explores everything from hip-hop to the plight of black women to reviews of books, films, and much more. Check out her About section and plug in to her site:

Hi, I’m L. You may be wondering what exactly it is that makes me infamous. Well, it could be the caricatures of my character flaws— strong opinions, argumentative, lack of verbal filters, esoteric views of the world or it could be the defense mechanisms I use to shield the world from who I really am. Here is where you get a taste of the girl. Although I can come off as a know-it-all this is my proclamation of pure ignorance— intellectual ignorance that is. I’m just a 20-something figuring it all out, day by day, step by step and I welcome you on my journey of progress, refined imperfection and growth.

Aside from that serious, heavy, deep stuff, I’d like to think I’m pretty down-to-earth in fact many would describe me in this way in addition to eclectic, funny, charming and an overall interesting “character”. I LOVE MUSIC primarily authentic hip hop, classic soul and anything that has a deep lyrical meaning which could be in any genre honestly so I’m pretty universal. I’m a semi-social introvert that can hold a conversation with just about anybody but has no qualms about sitting in the house on a Friday night with tacos, documentaries or a good book. At a party or social gathering you will almost always find me in the middle of a heated hip-hop debate. A warm cup of tea keeps my mind leveled. I think TV sucks. I’m a struggling artist (surprise, surprise) with a passion for creative writing— you know, songs, poems, stories, etc.

    Yes, I have natural hair. No, this is not a natural hair blog

 My main goals in life are to:

1. Get in the position in which I am able to do what I love for a living
2. Surround myself with as many people who inspire me to be a better person as humanly possible
3. Master the ability to truly be happy in life regardless of circumstances.


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