Pop Culture Thursday: Women at the Grammys

On Sunday night I tuned in to watch the Grammys. Unfortunately, I was misinformed of the time and missed half of it. By the time I turned it on I was just in time to catch P!nk’s performance of “Try”. Suspended from ropes high above the stage, she performed her song while doing acrobatic twirls high in the air. I have to say, I was in awe that she had the athletic ability to be doing those gymnastic tricks while also singing. As that song ended, it switched to “Just Give Me a Reason” and Nate Ruess began to sing. Pink joined him shortly afterwards. It was seriously a huge moment of girl power, because P!nk was one hundred percent running the show. And directly after that, Lorde won for best pop solo performance with “Royals”! What a great start to my Grammy viewing experience!

Kasey Musgraves performed her song, “Follow Your Arrow”, encouraging everyone to just do their thing without worrying what other people think. Sara Bareilles and Carole King performed together, singing a mashup of “Brave” and “Beautiful” that could easily apply to women everywhere sticking up for themselves. Mary Lambert joined Macklemore on the stage to sing “Same Love”, which is a song about loving who you want. Overall, I felt a ton of empowerment coming from the female performances. Other female performances (that I unfortunately missed) included Taylor Swift, Juicy J, Katy Perry, and Lorde.

Female winners included Lorde for Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance, Kacey Musgraves for Best Country Album, Rihanna for Best Urban Contemporary Album, and Alicia Keys for Best R&B Album.

Overall, it was a great night for women and their music. What really matters at the Grammys are the performances, and the women owned it. I felt inspired in different ways watching the various performances by some truly talented and inspiring women.


2 thoughts on “Pop Culture Thursday: Women at the Grammys

  1. The only thing interesting to me, were the performances and collaborations performing live. However, I was greatly disappointed with them, as many of them didn’t seem that original. P!nk’s performance on the other hand was absolutely breathtaking, period. Other than I do not care for Sara Bareilles, I did like the collaboration between her and legend Carol King. The message was beautiful be “beautiful/brave” just the way you are.

    The last performance of the show, I was eager to see got cut short with commercials. A feeling that is similar to hearing you favorite song on the radio being cut off in the middle of the song, by commercials or unnecessary blabber from the radio-host.

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