Allow me to introduce myself

Hello there!

First things first, I’m Laura, and I’m the newest volunteer blogger here. So. Yeah.

I’m really passionate about LGBT rights, and I’m also extremely interested in how Hollywood portrays gender roles, in both TV shows and feature films.

I’m a feminist – not by the “burning bras/misandry” definition. Because that simply isn’t feminism. Feminism is about having women being equal – and to say we are in current society is honestly not correct. Women don’t have equal pay; 90% of rape victims are women. These are facts, not facetious things made up to try to “take over men.”

But the main reason I am a feminist is because the qualities that make me “unladylike” are the most sought after qualities in men – and I’m not okay with that.

But enough on that, for now. On to more things about me!

Quick Facts:

I’m a freshman.

I’m from Iowa.

I’m double majoring in English and Journalism with a possible minor in theatre.

(Please don’t ask me what I’m going to do for a living. Still figuring that out.)

My dream job would be for to work in a writing room for a TV show. And then create and script my own TV show.

Favorite TV show of all time would probably be Gilmore Girls. Though Firefly is a close second.

My current guilty pleasure is Teen Wolf.

My favorite celebrity of the week: Jeanette McCurdy (of the iCarly/singer variety). I recently started looking up more about her, and it turns out that she’s really passionate about a lot of things – and is trying to make her voice be heard. At just 21 years old with an acting and singing career. She posts for the Wall Street Journal on a semi-regular basis. I came across an article she wrote last month about body shaming for the WSJ. Take a look.

Now, the reason that I’m writing here on this blog is because I want to be part of something larger. I’m really passionate about tearing down gender roles – I’m tired of seeing women of being subjected to sexism. There are a lot of glass ceilings out there left to break, and I think that we can make a difference in shattering them.

Thanks for being with me for the ride,



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