What I’m Currently Watching: Broad City

As someone who watches HBO Girls, I defended the show for a while. Despite its startling lack of diversity, I continued watching the show because I felt that at its heart it was still solid television. However, the third season, which has felt uneven and off, has disappointed me. I decided to check out Comedy Central’s Broad City, another comedic show about millennial girls living in New York. Although it was based off of a successful webseries, the television show was my first introduction to the creators and characters Ilana Glazer and and Abbi Jacobson.

From the first several scenes of the first episode I was hooked. Now seven episodes in out of ten, I am not only glad I started watching this show, but I’m incredibly happy that this type of show exists.

While I usually hesitate on making comparisons between shows (Broad City and Girls are two very different shows in the exact same city), I feel like Girls could learn a lot from Broad City. Girls spends a lot of energy getting the audience to like its characters who, as the series progress, prove to be very unlikeable. The role of female friendship in the world of Girls diminishes as the series progresses and the audience is left wondering if the women on the show were even really friends to begin with.

Broad City is a great look at female friendship, authentic characters who are neither anti-heroes or caricatures, and relationships. And Broad Cty is funny. Very funny. There are very few shows that make me laugh out loud and Broad City has done it at least several times an episode. The women are Broad City are allowed to be sexual, vulgar, broke, unapologetic, selfish, and optimistic. They are complex in a way that is rare to find within a comedy world dominated by men. Broad City is currently wrapping up its first season and I look forward to its already renewed second season.


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